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Wildfire bursting into a house through a traditional vent.

Vulcan Vent self-closes and holds off flames and embers from a wildfire.

Vulcan Technologies creates, markets and distributes leading edge fire protection products for buildings and homes, including the Vulcan Vent.

Vulcan Soffit and Eave Vents are the first to be accepted in the CBC Ch7A Compliance Policy by the Office of the California State Fire Marshal ( Vulcan Vent ® systems resist the intrusion of flame and embers as called for in Chapter 7A of the California Building Code. Vulcan Vents have been engineered to:

BLOCK DANGEROUS FLYING EMBERS from penetrating a structure’s ventilation system.  Wildfires generate embers which fly through the air and can result in an ember attack on a structure and a new fire being ignited from the inside.   Dangerous flying embers do not penetrate the Vulcan Vent design thereby potentially saving structures which are many miles from the flames of a wildfire.

PROHIBIT FLAME INSTRUSION through a structure’s ventilation system.  Approaching fire generates heat which triggers the Vulcan Vent to close.  The vent is coated with a non-toxic Firefree™ intumescent coating, which expands when exposed to a heat source of approximately 350° Fahrenheit thereby closing the ¼ inch (or smaller) vent openings. 

Vulcan Vents gets listing from California State Fire Marshal for use in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Wildfires
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The simple, flexible design of the Vulcan Vent allows for the use of the vent in any type of new construction.
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