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Vulcan Technologies, Inc is a private company based in California, which developed the Vulcan Vents and provides consulting services for fire retardant and fire resistant construction, including the use of the Vulcan Vents for wildfire fire protection. The Vulcan Vents uses a proprietary coating from Firefree Coatings,


For information or to order the Vulcan Vents, please contact NewCal Metals at Phone: +1 (916) 652-7424 , , or visit

For information on Vulcan Technologies including our consulting services for fire safe construction methods, please contact us at Phone: +1 (415) 459-6488, .

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For other technologies to help with protection from wildfires, including fire retardant protection for your walls, sidings, eaves and soffits, please contact Firefree Coatings at Phone: +1 (415) 459-6488 , , Firefree Wildfires